Candidate Theresa MaddixHi there. My name is Theresa Maddix and I would appreciate your vote November 6, 2018 for the Ypsilanti District Library Board of Trustees.

I am qualified for this position as a long-time community member who is comfortable taking a results-oriented approach with diverse teams to improve patron, user and visitor experiences.

I believe that the Ypsilanti District Library is our community’s greatest asset, a shared institution that we can all look to with pride.  It is more than just a place of learning and borrowing materials, it presents our most welcoming and best face.

Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame has long talked about creating safe spaces or third places outside of home and work. Finding this kind of place is rare. Our libraries give residents from all backgrounds and walks of life the chance to be in such a space.

About Me

I live in the historic district, nestled between downtown and Depot Town with two terrific beagles and wonderful neighbors who act as an extended family.

Theresa's parentsI grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan, the Cereal City, the former Health Capital of the World and a city known to welcome non-conformists, such as Sojourner Truth who ended her days there.

My family with six siblings–three brothers and three sisters–and two great parents who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary remains extremely closely knit.  I will gladly introduce anyone who is interested in how any of my siblings or nieces and nephews are doing to my mother who will happily recount where there are at that moment and probably what they had for breakfast today.

I am a huge University of Michigan fan and am fortunate to have graduated from LS&A with an English degree and the School of Information with a Master’s of Science in Information.  Currently, I work at Michigan Medicine as a Web Project Manager.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing recreational volleyball (“Go Teamatoes!) and being a tai chi graduationcontinuous beginner at tai chi. I am very fortunate to have gifted instructors in Karla Groesbeck and previously Greg Knollmeyer.

I continue to take courses at Washtenaw, mostly in Web Development and in computer science. I also thoroughly recommend the WCC Women Who Build course for anyone with a fixer upper house.

I am very interested in makerspaces and have had the opportunity to explore Arduino boards and Raspberry Pis at the SxSW conference in Austin, Texas and with the fantastic Frank Poh’s through Washtenaw’s Live Work Learn offerings.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.  I’d like to hear, too, about your experience with libraries and your thoughts on where they are headed in the future.